Hosted on behalf of NUUO

Training Ninja will be hosting fully certified NUUO technical advanced certified training courses across the country. 

All individuals that attend this 2-day course will gain knowledge of installing & commissioning the NUUO platform of families, such as, Main Console (Windows) and Crystal Titan (Linux). 

This is the perfect course to ensure that your NUUO systems are installed & commissioned in accordance with the manufacture standard.

Creating value, through Education!

Day 1

Main console

Module 1: Whats New?
Module 2: Quick Installation Overview & Guide
Module 3: NUUO Smartguard
Module 4: Setting up Recording Schedules
Module 5: Video Playback
Module 6: NUUO Remote Client
Module 7: Extra Features
Module 8: Video Analytics
Module 9: 3rd Party Integrations
Module 10: Failover Server
Module 11: Troubleshooting


Module 1: Introduction to NVR Solo
Module 2: Setting up Recording
Module 3: Live View & Playback
Module 4: ezNUUO
Module 5: Events & Actions
Module 6: Point of Sale
Module 7: Maintenance
Module 8: Troubleshooting

Day 2

Crystal titan

Module 1: Advantages of Crystal Titan
Module 2: Quick Installation Overview & Guide
Module 3: Setting up Recording
Module 4: Optimize Storage Usage
Module 5: Welcome to NuClient
Module 6: Playback & Export
Module 7: Events & Auto Notifications
Module 8: User Management
Module 9: Video Wall
Module 10: Metadata & Failover Server
Module 11: Troubleshooting


Module 1: Introduction to CMS
Module 2: Structure & Installation
Module 3: Quick Installation & Overview Guide
Module 4: Alarm Management
Module 5: Video Matrix View
Module 6: Tour of the Video Matrix
Module 7: User Management
Module 8: Trouble Shooting


Course cost

R4,500 p/p

R3,900 p/p

Course Duration
Two Days

Every individual that attends this course will receive a comprehensive training manual as well be signed up to complete the online certification test