understand networking!

Training Ninja in conjunction with preferred Distributors & Manufacturers will be hosting certified Networking 101 training courses across the country.

Basic network fundamentals are essential for today’s security market. If you are an individual or company who has limited IT experience but find yourself working increasingly more and more with network connected devices vs simple plug and play devices, then this is the perfect course for you!

Creating value, through Education! This is the perfect beginner and intermediate course for businesses and individuals alike.

Course Details

Module 1: Local Area Networks
Module 2: Network Topologies and Access Methods
Module 3: The OSI Model
Module 4: Layered Switches
Module 5: Media Types
Module 6: Wireless Networking
Module 7: IPV4 vs IPV6
Module 8: TCP/IP & TCP/IP Commands
Module 9: Network Services & Name Resolution
Module 10: Routers & Wide Area Networks
Module 11: Internet, Intranet & Extranet
Module 12: Online Certification Exam


Course cost

R1,800 p/p

R1,350 p/p

Course Duration
One Day

Every individual that attends this course will receive a comprehensive training manual as well as be entitled to, one hour of telephonic, or email support